Sunchronicity: Infinity.0

Mobile and Desktop App Design, Logo Design, UI Design


App/ UI/ Product design, Branding, Iconography, App Icon and Logo Design, Sound Design, Music and Video Production

Target audience:

DJ’s, VJ’s, and Music producers who are already familiar with DAW’s (Digital Audio Workstations). The casual music enthusiast can also explore this, and create/ mix music as well, but here will be a learning curve.


“Sunchronicity” is a DJ/ VJ tool, an application which is available on either mobile or desktop (with accompanying web UI) which can create remixes and mashups of songs based on sound packs and sample packs of input. The input is then sequenced based on DNA, Binary Code, and Geomantic structures (i.e. the I Ching, Ifa, and Geomantic Figures). There are varying parameters such as flanger and filter sweep which can be controlled by the DJ/ User or automated based on the sequencing. The sequencing can also be manually altered. The default template will have everything automated so that the layman will be able to use it and play the sample AV packs of their favorite featured artist and have the app remix them, ad infinitum.


 For this project, I took inspiration for a Max for Live Pack I am developing to create an app which is both accessible to fans and also intriguing enough for seasoned producers and performers. This will be a self-generating and perpetuating AV experience, which will also have a social media campaign for events and collaborations where DJ’s, VJ’s, and Producers are featured to make their own custom sample packs and then remix them in live and live streamed events “Sunchoronicity Series” and festivals. 


I Performed a lot of research into the App UI/ UX of different oracle and musical/ DJ Apps such as Novation, and Biophilia.


I created an App Icon, Icon set for the mobile and UI web, dynamic and static logo, Social media promo, Event poster, and live event mockup.


Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop,  After Effects, Ableton Live, Resolume, OBS

Dynamic Logo (Inspired by the audio waveform and Earth’s Magnetosphere).

App Icon, Static Logo, Icon UI (Inspired by the Aurora Borealis and Earth’s Magnetosphere

Mobile and Web UI’s (Splash Screen and Home Page)

Process Sketches/ UI Research/ Mood Pics
Los Angeles, Calif.