“Pre-Po-Po-Mo Goddess Tarot Deck”


Product (Deck of Cards) Design, Print Production

Software Used:

Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign

Design Problem:

My mission for this project is to make samples of a full deck of cards, make them simple and bright, with different attributes for the different elements and animal totem, with a bright and earthy color palette throughout, with purple and holographic stamping for the back, borders, and booklet cover. I also want to use good illustration and composition techniques within the size 2.75 x 4.75” (which is the standard tarot size). Summaries will be written for each goddess to be included in the accompanying booklet. (The final booklet will also include an introduction, and index of the animals, chakras, and elements.)

Design Solution:

I used the ilustrations I had already done, I used the finalized sketches on vellum to archive different goddess atributes in order to develop a Design System and make enough goddess iterations for a full deck of cards. I also refined the color palette to make a more cohesive aesthetic.  For the cover text and names, I used a custom typeface. The cover image was an illustration asset which I converted to black and white to portray the holographic foil stamping effect. Print production will be a medium offset run.

Packaging and Booklet Cover

Target Audience:

12-65 year olds who want to connect to the divine feminine archetype. They can be spiritual, neo-spiritual, or New Age “New Earthers”, but they are also interested in the postmodern era (or rather the “pre-post-post-modern era” or “Metamodern Era”, if I may be so bold) and current fashion trends.


I have often been using oracle and goddess cards to use as a part of my self-care routine, and my forthcoming graphic novel features allegories with mythological characters who are anthropomorphic metaphors of greater concepts. I thought of the idea to make my own oracle deck, but instead of the traditional mythology, use characters I envisioned or who came to me in my dreams. It is my personalized roster of divine feminine spirit guides I wish to share with the world.

Design Process:

I started with reference image research, creating mood boards for the colors and compositions, and conducted research on making a card deck. I then created rough thumbnail sketches and refined the sketches. After finalizing the sketches, I scanned it into my computer and traced/ vectorized, and colorized it in illustrator. (I also repeated this for the back and borders of the cards).

Title (Wild) Card

TinQshendra Front and Back Card

Hermanna Front and Back Card

Shenanaga Front and Back Card

Card Samples Front/ Back 

Booklet Inner Pages and Cover

Booklet Inner Pages

Box of Tarot Card with Guide Booklet
Los Angeles, Calif.