Cat Illustration Commissions



Target audience:

Loving cat lovers and parents (or the respective cats’ humans!).


I am very much a cat person and recently became a doting cat mom myself. I made an illustration of my beautiful gray tabby, “Chia,” as well as that of my cat niece, “Bibz” for my sister. They are both rescues, and so perfect in their own ways! From these illustrations I made stickers as well as magnets. I also made a printed t-shirt for my sister. From there, I have done a few commissions as well for the pets of friends and family, creating a vector illustration for phone wallpaper as well as printing on demand. I hope to continue with this and expand.


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Design Problem:

To create a manga as well as hyper realist style cartoon illustration of a cat based on a picture provided by their owner. The perspective of the illustration needs to be properly framed, regardless of the angle or perspective of the photo. Sometimes the fur pattern, etc. needs to be improvised and artistic license taken if the photo provided does not capture the full body of the kitty in the frame.

Design Process:

I created rough thumbnail sketches based on the photo provided as well as reference photos of the similar type and breed of cat. I then refined the sketch and scanned it in as a Tiff, adjusting the levels in Photoshop. From there I vectorized it in Illustrator and then added color and details.

Design Solution:

I created the vector illustration and some examples of digital (i.e. phone wallpaper) as well as print production (i.e. stickers, t-shirts, and magnets)
Los Angeles, Calif.