“Bass Gawd”:

Album Art and Merchandise for a Music Artist

Target Audience:

Adults and teens who listen to bass music and go to EDM events are the target market.


This project features album art for an artist’s music release, as well as merchandise, a digital GIF for email and social media marketing, a lyric video, and a black light poster.

Software Used:

Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects

Design Problem:

I developed the Design System which creates graphics which can be portrayed using different parameters for digital and print publishing as well as apparel. The graphic is for a track called “Thk Ba$$ Gawd” (i.e. “Thank Bass God”) and features acoustic levitation and sacred geometry cymatics. The color pallet includes colors for black light reactive poster printing production..

Design Process:

Speakers and sacred geometry cymatics were created in Illustrator, then composited in Photoshop. A lot of research was performed on different cosmologies and mythologies. In addition, different layer styles were experimented with. A simple more pictogram style was used for the apparel printing as well as the lyric video clip.

Design Solution:

I also used this project to be more mindful of print production versus digital production, product
design, and marketing. I plan on getting the blacklight poster printed and then photographed in the future.

Album Art

Black Light Poster

Mass Customization Merchandise/ Apparel 

Process Sketches and Moodboard

Lyric Video Clip

Los Angeles, Calif.